Six confusing features in Ruby 5 months

In this post I am trying to point out some Ruby features you might want to use with a lot of caution.

Making sense with Ruby's 6 months

Maybe I am missing the point, but is 'IF !' or 'IF NOT' really so hard to read that it deserves another keyword? This seems like the very definition of 'syntactic sugar'. I am not sure if meaningless variation between programming languag...

Better Specs { rspec guidelines with ruby } about 3 years

Better Specs tries to fill the miss of testing guidelines by collecting most of the best practices developers has been learning the hard way through years of experience

michaeldv/awesome_print over 3 years

awesome_print - Pretty print your Ruby objects with style -- in full color and with proper indentation

migreyes/hazelnut - A Pow-based barebones starting point for Jekyll almost 4 years

hazelnut - A Pow-preferred barebones starting point for designers using Jekyll.

Fix those Nokogiri libxml version mismatch errors almost 4 years

A protip by gabebw about libxml, nokogiri, rails, and ruby. almost 4 years

dino - Dino is a ruby gem that helps you bootstrap prototyping with an Arduino