Cheddar-Stuffed Jalapeno Meatloaf With Chili Glaze | Serious Eats 4 months

This slightly spicy meatloaf is flavored with ancho chili, sautéed jalapeños, onions, and garlic. Bloomed gelatin, chicken stock, and eggs, coupled with ground Saltine crackers, keep it moist, while a molten cheddar cheese core oozes out...

Measure Wind Speed with Eltako Windsensor and Win10 IoT Core - 4 months

This project will help you track wind speeds using the Windows 10 IoT Core and Eltako Windsensor. Find this and other hardware projects on

Easy Bash Prompt Generator 4 months

Easy Bash Prompt Generator. 1.) Pick the elements you want to use in your prompt. 2.) Select colors and rearrange elements here. 3.) Preview the output.

New York City's Most Underrated Bars 4 months

New York is home to hundreds of fine drinking establishments, both cutting-edge and legendary. Whether you need a highfalutin cocktail from a place like The NoMad Bar, Pouring Ribbons, or Death & Co, or a shot and a beer at a local land...

French Crepes With Ham, Cheese, and Eggs Recipe | Serious Eats 4 months

A classic egg, cheese, and ham filling for crepes.

Baked Eggs With Creamy Greens, Mushrooms, and Cheese Recipe | Serious Eats 4 months

Three kinds of leafy greens combine with mushrooms, garlic, leeks, mustard, and spices to form the base for a baked-egg dish that's a bit like an omelette turned inside out. It's an ideal recipe for brunch, or really any meal of the day.

Home | International Cloud Atlas 4 months

The WMO International Cloud Atlas is the reference for the classification of clouds and meteors. It provides the definition, description of the various cloud types and meteors, flow charts to help identify those. It is originally targete...

Toggling Transparency in iTerm2 | Code, Coffee, and Net Present Value 4 months

I recently started developing full-time in Vim again because all my code has to run on remote virtual machines. I like using iTerm2 with some transparency enabled so I can see what's going on in my browser, but it's started giving me a h...