Meaty Mushrooms on Cheesy Polenta - The Amateur Gourmet 2 months

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How do I shake up my bookmarks? - Ask MetaFilter 2 months

I'm in a rut as to the web sites I regularly visit. Help me find better internets to read. I reflexively go to Huffington Post for political news and a few other sites that I know aren't contributing to happiness in my life (all Trump, a...

Sorting Algorithms Visualized - Album on Imgur 3 months

Post with 7940 votes and 714737 views. Shared by morolin. Sorting Algorithms Visualized

Coq au Vin - The Amateur Gourmet 3 months

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Blog — Project Subway NYC 3 months

New York City (NYC)'s subway's station layouts, in the form of illustrations and photographs.

Paperless Office using the Raspberry Pi | digital nomad 3 months

This is a follow-up on an older blog using Ubuntu.

The Willows Inn on Lummi Island | 3 months

September 28 - December 17, Thursday - Sunday 2018 schedule to be announced in October.

Windows of New York | A weekly illustrated atlas 3 months

The Windows of New York project is a weekly illustrated fix to graphic designer José Guízar's obsession with the windows and fire escapes of NYC