Clerky over 4 years

Clerky helps startups get legal stuff done right (and fast).

notes for a caretaker over 4 years

I recently had the sort of weird experience of a recent blog post being on the top of Hacker News and there being a fair amount of interest in the details of my wacky living situation.

Apartments So Small They Can Only Be Photographed From Above over 4 years - "Hong Kong laborers live in sub-divided apartment units averaging 40 square feet."

Can I add right-click options in Google Chrome? - Super User over 4 years

In Google Chrome, if I select a piece of text and right click on it, I get the option to:

Match Grid Fire over 4 years

ElasticSearch: Big Data, Search, and Analytics on Vimeo over 4 years

In this session we will explore elasticsearch, specifically, how to handle huge amount of data with it, how to effectively search it, and last, use facets to derive…