Kiwix - Offline Wikipedia Reader over 4 years

Kiwix enables you to have the whole Wikipedia at hand wherever you go! You don't need Internet, everything is stored on your computer, USB flash drive or DVD!

How to create a lake with an Atomic Bomb - YouTube over 4 years

Yes, those crazy Russians are at it again!!! Here's another vintage propaganda film from the USSR showing you how to make a huge watering hole with an underg...

Russians drop a grenade off a boat - YouTube over 4 years

I don't know what to say..

Ask HN: Tools of the trade, 2013 edition over 4 years

by sharjeel 28 days ago | 159 comments Few years ago, Joshua Schachter started this thread on HN for discussing hosted useful services: The contribution in thread introduced many interesting ...

Budget Bytes: Naan over 4 years

Fresh, homemade naan as good as you'll get from an Indian restaurant!

Kale & Chorizo Frittata over 4 years

Kale and chorizo breakfast strata with eggs and cheese. A hearty, low cost breakfast or brunch!

Budget Bytes: chicken in peanut sauce over 4 years

chicken, which is then sassed up with just a little soy sauce, brown sugar, lime, and sriracha! If you don't have sriracha, you can just add a pinch of red pepper flakes...